Under the umbrella of SED Axact is Plan 2019, which aims to make the sectors of Education, Healthcare, Judicial Assistance, and Food & Shelter affordable and accessible to all in Pakistan by the year 2019.

For Judicial Assistance, Free Insaaf has already been launched, which will resolve matters of up to Rs. 300,000

For affordability and accessibility of education, Axact initially intends to educate 30,000 children, who will be taught using advanced education systems, world class lodging, 3 meals and one snack per day and best sport facilities.

This model will then be applied for the education of 10 million children.

Envision a Pakistan, where 10 million children will be enlightened with free education, and where a world of opportunity will be within the reach of all Pakistanis.

These children will then become a source of knowledge of preventive healthcare for their families.

And upon passing grade 6, they will be able to write content of international quality, which will be advertised, providing them with a source of income, which they will use to provide food & shelter for their families.


Noble in thought, and strong in resolve, Axact is determined to realize its vision of a thriving and a prosperous Pakistan.

The vision behind the plan is to provide access to the world class sector development for every Pakistani regardless of their locality in the following sectors:

Every individual can have accessible & economical quality Education

Food & Shelter
Food & Shelter will be made within reach for all

Every individual can have affordable & accessible quality Healthcare

Judicial Assistance
Every individual can have accessible & affordable quality Judicial Assistance.
To learn more visit FreeInsaaf.com .

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